Chicago Studio Orchestra

The Chicago Studio Orchestra was created to provide access to the best players
in the Chicago vicinity.

Drawing from a very diverse pool, we can accommodate any musical style needed for
recording sessions, sidelining, and live performances.


Two jingles contracted, performed, and recorded in Chicago by Katherine Hughes:



I just want you to know what a fantastic job you did assembling a first rate section and also leading and preparing them so skillfully and professionally! All of us were very happy with the effort you put forth on our behalf. Rob, Ralph and I could not stop talking about you guys and the great job you did!

You have solidified in our minds as the person to go to when we need to contract strings – period! Hopefully we will get to do more of those in the coming year, because it makes such a positive impact on our tracks.

Please let [your players] know how grateful we all are for their great work!

(Jim Trompeter, composer at WMS Gaming)


We spoke of the difference between some string sections, that may come in with certain “legit” pedigrees of all kinds (and maybe some attitude), but they have trouble with headphones, or the mix, or the chairs or…

…and the ones that come in with studio savvy, pop music sensibilities, willingness to have fun and contribute to the project, product, performance, happening, whatever ~

Thanks for a kickass section ~ the tracks really sing now

(Rob Barry, composer at WMS Gaming)

Hey Katherine,

Thanks for another terrific session. As usual the strings sounded fabulous. I really appreciate the positive, collaborative attitude you and the rest of the musicians bring which always cause the sessions to go so smoothly (and on budget)!


(Howard Pfeifer, composer at Scientific Games)

For 15 plus years Katherine Hughes has been a real asset to us when we are in the studio.

She is a consistent and expressive player, with a sense of adventure who plays beautifully in many styles, has terrific intonation, lovely tone,  and is a real collaborator.

She has also been a valuable resource connecting us to many wonderful musicians over the years.
It certainly helps that she has a stellar reputation; is well liked and respected by all her fellow musicians.

Rob and Michael
(Rob Milburn and Michael Bodeen, Milburn/Bodeen Music & Sound Design)