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COMPOSERS, ARRANGERS, BANDS, MUSICIANS. STUDENTS, MUSIC SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES – Third Coast Music is starting Composer / Artist Workshops to offer the opportunity to record your music with live professional musicians. We will hold Demonstration Recording Sessions charging per half hour to allow 2-4 minutes of music to be recorded. The workshop price includes consultation before the session to make sure the composer / band is fully prepared and meeting after the session to ask questions to the people involved in the session.

The workshop is the opportunity to record and work with the best musicians in Chicago while getting a finished product to help market and promote your music.

Demo Scale Recording Rules & Regulations

Demonstration Recording is to be used exclusively for the purpose of recording (audio only) a composition, an arrangement, and/or an artist or ensemble for personal use and study and/or for presentation to producers, employers, contractors, agents, purchasers, or institutions for the purpose of:

  • Promoting the composition(s) or arrangement(s) recorded.
  • Obtaining employment for the performer(s) or other advancement (application for scholarship or award).


The product is not to be released for sale in any quantity, nor is it to be used for any other purpose not contained in this document without permission of Professional Musicians Local 10-208.
Additional Use of material recorded at a demonstration recording session for any purpose not specified shall require execution of the appropriate agreement with the American Federation of Musicians or, when applicable (as in Limited Pressing). Payment for any such use shall always be considered a new use and shall be at the full amount required for that use, with NO CREDIT for any amounts paid for the demonstration recording session.

Upgrades from a demo to any other product must be paid at no less than 100% of base scale for that product. There is no pro-rata or any other deduction for an upgrade from a demo.
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1. All music must be professionally copied and legible for sight reading.
2. Click Track or BPM should be provided. If there are tempo changes, please print a click track.
3. If you need a conductor, please let us know.