Third Coast Musical Services

Musician Contracting and Music Production Coordinators

Our knowledge makes Third Coast Music indispensable for anyone in need of contracting, coordinating, and any other musical services required for music and multi-media production in the Chicago area.

Television, Film, Records, Video Games, Demos and Workshops, Student Film Festivals, Commercials, Trailers, Music Libraries, Internet Streaming, Jingles, and live performance all require specific scales and services.

We will work with you to find the budget that is best for your needs and requirements.

What we do:

  • Assemble solo instrumentalists and vocalists, rhythm sections, small ensembles, and/or large orchestras and choirs for any size project
  • Coordinate with music departments, producers, composers, and scoring teams to provide accurate up-to-date recording budgets
  • Offer referral services for copyists, librarians, transcribers (midi/audio), sound engineers, Pro Tools operators, click operators, arrangers, orchestrators, conductors, and composers
  • Book the best studio possible for any size session (until the Scoring Stage is completed)
  • Generate the required contracts for all types of projects
  • Lead and coordinate music programs and workshops to educate musicians about working in the music business
  • Provide the opportunity for aspiring composers, orchestrators, and arrangers to have their music professionally recorded
  • Arrange concierge services, including food, hotel, and transportation for out-of- town artists, productions, and their staff

Third Coast Music customizes our services and caters to the client’s needs. We are here to make sure you are comfortable in your working environment and in the city of Chicago.

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