Recording Studios

Recording Studios in the Chicago area:

SHIRK studios

Electrical Audio

Electrical Audio is a two-studio complex on Chicago’s northwest side, owned by veteran engineer Steve Albini.

Studio A, the larger of the two studios, was built to accommodate large ensembles playing together, with clear lines of sight between the playing rooms and a central recording room that can fit 30+ musicians.

Studio B is centered on a brick-walled playing room with 30 foot high ceilings. The room lends bright, lively sound recordings and is a great fit for smaller groups like string quartets, jazz combos, and rock bands.

The playing rooms have wood floors and adobe (mud) brick walls that lend a controlled ambience to recordings. The studio’s 56-input Neotek Elite console, outfitted with Neve Flying Faders automations and large complement of outboard gear, can adeptly handle large mixes.

Our mic locker is arguably the best in the region, flush with the most revered vintage tube and ribbon mics, as well as newer impressively-spec’ed capacitor and dynamic mics.

Chicago Recording Company

For ensembles of 30 or more players,
please contact us for more information.